Contminer – movable storehouse for rigs

With running dozens of mining rigs, demandingness for their trouble-free operation increases. Whether it's noise, heat, electricity, space or security, Contminer solves all these problems. It is a standard container that can be transported by truck and then placed at the desired location. The walls are insulated with non-combustible mineral wool that provides sound and thermal insulation. In this way, the interior is protected from unwanted heating by the sun, primarily during the summer season.

Stainless steel inlets located just above the floor and below the ceiling on two sides of the structure serve as a natural circulation of the air in the interior. Their specific shape prevents entrance of rodents and water during rainfall. Behind the inlets, switchable fans provide an extra supply of cooler air from the outside that passes through easily replaceable air filters.

Entrance openings are protected by lockable grilles and a frame adhered to the construction of the container.

The 380 V electrical connector is designed to power all Contminer components through the timing box through independent branches.

The container gives the operator the possibility to manipulate and change the place of a fully loaded Contminer according to current needs.

The interior is equipped with six adjustable shelves for mining rigs, electrical and ethernet lines.

The only requirements to start up the Contminer are the electrical and internet connections.

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External dimensions: 6,1×2,6×2,4 m (WxHxD)

Weight: 2t

Position on components:

  • 42x rig

Contminer includes:

  • electrical wiring with a switch box
  • Ethernet distributions including 2x 24 port 100 mb/s switch
  • lighting
  • 10x fan with filters
  • 20x inlets/outlets


  • switchable fans
  • air filtration
  • thermal and sound insulation of walls with mineral wool
  • secured doors and windows
  • simple connection